Zion had just turned one when I had to enroll him in daycare. I contemplated on another in-home sitter but ultimately chose Auntie’s Academy. I knew a majority of the staff so that made the decision less difficult for me. However, as a first-time mother, I still had a lot of anxiety in trusting someone to care for Zion and had concerns of how he would react in his new environment. Those concerns were quickly put at ease by the helpfulness of the staff in making our transition very smooth.

I appreciate the staff’s patience and willingness to work with Zion in trying new foods and updating me on how his days went when I pick him up at the end of the day. I love how interactive the staff are with the children and spirit weeks are the best. I like helping Zion participate.

It’s been a little over a year since Zion started attending Auntie’s Academy and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I know he is well taken care of and I can tell by his smile and excitement when he sees the other children that he enjoys being there. Zion has made lots of new little friends and has gained some awesome Aunties. It’s like one big blended family, I wouldn’t have Zion go anywhere else.


I am extremely grateful for Auntie’s Academy! They have allowed me the opportunity to go to work every day. I know that my child is being loved, nurtured, and cared for an amazing group of women. Dylan’s “teachers” work endlessly at making his day such a fun, loving, and learning experience. I truly feel that each and every employee is a part of our family.


As a parent is in incredibly important to be able to work and provide for your kid. At the same time, it's even more important to know your child is in a place where they are as safe, comfortable and loved as when they are with you. I have found that place in Auntie's Academy. As a pregnant first-time mom, I was so excited to learn Felicia was opening her center. I knew as soon as I met her that she has a heart for children that is unmatched and that would translate into her center, her staff and her expectations for her business. I was so scared the first day I had to leave my little boy at daycare. But from day one, from the infant room to the one-year-old room, I can say sending him to Auntie's Academy has been one of the best parenting decisions I've made. I've never doubted his safety or his happiness while there and that is because Felicia and her other leadership staff have built an environment of family, love and learning for the kids there. My son loves his teachers and his friends, and he comes home all the time having learned something new. Felicia has been quick to respond whenever I've had a question or concern. The daycare has become an integral part of my "parenting team." I sing Auntie's Academy's praises every chance I get, and I wouldn't dream of sending my son anywhere else while I'm away at work.


Auntie’s Academy has been a blessing for my family. I had so much anxiety about leaving my son at daycare. They were very helpful and supportive and would send updates on him. The teachers are great and so friendly. Everyone greets my son every morning by name. It gives me so much peace and happiness seeing him excited to see his teachers. I made a great decision choosing Auntie’s Academy.